What is Lean Standards Development?

Join us for a 10 minute conversation with WInnForum CEO, Lee Pucker, on what makes the Forum so nimble in
standards creation: our Lean Standards Development Model.


Skip to the timestamps below if you're in a rush:
0:26 - What is the Lean Standards Development Model and how is it the most efficient path to commercial
1:58 - What are the advantages of the Forum's model over other models and how does it facilitate developing
standards in 3 months as opposed to 3 years?
3:30 - How was this method employed in developing the baseline standards for the CBRS Band?
4:12 - Is parallel standards development even possible? Short answer: yes.
5:09 - More on the CBRS band, past and future.
6:55 - A bit on Release 2 of the CBRS standards and how it puts the choices in the hands of the consumer.
9:10 - How does the LSDM translate to other bands like 6 GHz?

Want more info? Here are some helpful links:
- Lean Standards development model ppt presentation and overview:
- CBRS Standards:
- WInnForum Committees employing the LSDM model:

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