Webinar Series

The Wireless Innovation Forum is excited to present our Webinar Series. The webinars are educational presenting tutorial material on specific technologies or other areas of broad member interest.

All previous webinars can be found on our YouTube site.

  • CBRS Enhanced Features Self Testing (webinar) (slides)

  • What's Next for CBRS? A Preview of WInnForum's Release 2 Standards (webinar) (slides)
  • Review of WInnForum's CBRS COMSEC Document and Other Security Related Topics (webinar) (slides)

  • Understanding the New U.S. 3.5 GHz Band (webinar) (slides)

  • SCA 4.1 Draft Standard (webinar) (slides)

  • WInnForum Advocacy Agenda (Webinar)

  • Top Ten Wireless Innovations (Webinar)

  • SCA Standards for Defense Communications
     Download the supporting information sheet here .
    (Webinar) (Slides
  • Techniques for Wideband RF/IF Signal Recording, Rodger Hosking, Pentek
  • Declarative Policies for DSA, Mitch Kokar, Northeastern University and VIStology, Inc.
    (Webinar) (Slides)
  • The Latest Design Strategies using Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGAs for Software Radio, Rodger Hosking, Pentek
    (Webinar) (Slides)
  • Facilitating Spectrum Sharing Between Secondary Systems, James Neel, Cognitive Radio Technology
    (Webinar) (Slides)
  • Top Down Design of Wireless Systems, Chris Aden, The Mathworks 
    (Webinar) (Slides)
  • Generic Development Tools for Many-Core and Heterogeneous Processors, Hickam Lahlou, CTVR
    (Webinar) (Slides)
  • Design of Portable Waveform Applications using SCA, Daniele Olmansani, Selex ES
    (Webinar) (Slides)
  • Cognitive Networking in the ISM Band, John Sydor, Communications Research Centre Canada
    (Webinar) (Slides)
  • The ADCs of SDR: Parameters, Design Considerations and Implementations, Marc Rives and Edward Kohler, Intersil, Tudor Davies, Spectrum Signal Processing by Vecima
    (Webinar)  (Slides)
  • The Software Communications Architecture

    This webinar was presented in 4 parts: 

  • Intro to the SCA and APIs, presented by Juan Pablo Zamora, CRC (Slides)

  • The SCA and FPGAs, presented by Andrew Foster, PrismTech (Slides)

  • Static Compliance Testing with R-Check SCA,  presented by James Ezick, Reservoir Labs (Slides)

  • Design of Multi-platform SCA Compliant Software Components, presented by Daniele Olmisani, Selex (Slides)

  • Introduction to Spectrum Policy for Technologists, Peter Tenhula, Shared Spectrum Company and Ari Fitzgerald, Hogan Lovell
    (Webinar) (Slides)