Wireless Innovation Committee (formerly Advanced Technologies Committee)

The role of the Advanced Technologies Committee is to advocate for the innovative utilization of spectrum, and advancing radio technologies that support essential or critical communications:

  • Works with wireless end users and their representatives, including network operators, government acquisition authorities and research sponsors to validate concepts and requirements against technology readiness, to document domain specific requirements, use cases and business models.
  • Supports member organizations in identifying new opportunities for next generation products and services in each defined market domain.
  • Works with the regulatory and public policy community to establish a global regulatory framework promoting the adoption of emerging technologies for advanced wireless systems.
  • Provides a venue for the exchange of information on emerging radio technologies important in wireless networking and produces reports, specifications and recommendations supporting the development and deployment of advanced wireless system and next generation radio devices

Management and oversight of this committee is provided by a Steering Group working in collaboration with a Regulatory Advisory Committee. The Steering Group is comprised of the Forum’s Officers, and is responsible for drafting the Forum’s “Top 10 Most Wanted Wireless Innovations” list and setting the Forum’s “Advocacy Agenda” based on member input. These documents will be distributed to the members of the Forum for ballot following the Forum’s standard process.


WInnForum Advocacy Agenda

In 2012, The Wireless Innovation Forum initiated a project to identify the major advocacy positions that the Forum will use to collaborate with governments, regulators, standards bodies, and research sponsors acting as the voice of the wireless innovation community. Learn more about our positions here: https://www.wirelessinnovation.org/advocacy-agenda.

Technological State of the Industry on Wireless Drone Networking

In May 2020, the committee created the Unmanned Vehicle Wireless Networking Special Interest Group to explore the technological state of the industry on wireless drone networking. The group is currently preparing a technical report on the topic. Passive and Active Spectrum Sharing This project has an emphasis on assisting/protecting terrestrial Radio Astronomy sites and augmenting CBRS dynamic spectrum access/sharing architecture for spectrum sharing within a National Radio Dynamic Zone (NRDZ) with an emphasis on assisting/protecting terrestrial Radio Astronomy sites. They will be working on a technical report of Hat Creek spectrum measurements.

Regulatory Advisory Committee

This group facilitates the exchange of knowledge on technical topics, not to advocate for one policy position or another, helps Forum members better understand emerging regulatory trends across all ITU regions, and helps advisors understand emerging technologies that may impact or be impacted by the regulatory landscape.

Merged Projects

  • Midband Sharing Work Group

New Projects

  • Joint WinnForum/ETSI TC RRS WG on Spectrum Sharing Frameworks
  • FCC Receiver NOI Response
  • CTO Video Series: Tech Talks

To contribute to any of the projects listed above, or if you have an advanced wireless problem that you need solved, join us! Contact Lee Pucker at [email protected]

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