Forum Launches New Project for Beyond Visual Line of Sight Drones

In this episode, we are talking with Dr. Yifeng Zhou of Communications Research Center Canada, about an exciting new International project for drones operating beyond the visual light of sight of the pilot, or BVLOS(pronounced beevloss) drones.

0:46 How did the BVLOS Project come to be?
1:50 Some of the benefits of BVLOS drones.
2:00 Applications of BVLOS drones (Amazon delivery anyone?).
2:58 Barriers to BVLOS drones (time for hoop jumping!).
4:28 Potential problems with BVLOS drones.
5:30 Where the importance of wireless communications comes in.
6:10 About the mandates of the group.
6:36 End goal and a bit of the group's focus points.
9:30 A bit on the bands involved.
12:25 Potential impact of the work.
13:15 Impacted industries (aviation, manufacturers, suppliers, and more!)
14:15 Interested? How to get involved.

Visit to learn more or email [email protected] to get involved today!

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