Reviving The Forum's Regulatory Advisory Committee

In this episode, I'm talking with the Forum's Chief Regulatory Officer Prakash Moorut, Senior Director of Spectrum & Regulatory Affairs for Shure, about the our Regulatory Advisory Committee. The group had been inactive for a time and Prakash revived it to tackle a variety of spectrum related topics with representatives from around the globe.


00:44 Why the group was revived: harmonizing regulations around new spectrum usage around new spectrum sharing use cases. Let's not reinvent the wheel, but instead come together to share lessons learned. Great platform for information sharing.

02:20 A bit on CBRS development, unique requirements of different countries, and coming up with recommendations based on individual needs.

04:23 Examples of some contributions from Germany, UK, US, Canada, and other contributors  on topics including localized sensing rules, CBRS, 6 Ghz, fixed satellites, and more.

06:27 Goals for the future, including a call for expansion and use cases.

Are you a regulator and want to participate or have a use case idea? Comment below or contact Wireless Innovation Forum CEO Lee Pucker at [email protected].

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