Forum Work Products

The following documents have been balloted by the Wireless Innovation Forum following the Forum's document approval process and have been approved for public release.

The documents are of 3 types:

  • Specifications - documents designed to provide an SDRF-supported definition of a specific architectural element or interface within a software defined radio system
  • Reports - used by the Forum to formally present the current state of some relevant topic with the Software Defined Radio community (regulations, markets, business, etc.)
  • Recommendations - documents provided by the Forum to other organizations, such as the ITU, FCC or the JPEO, to provide guidelines or opinions
Document Name Type Document # Year Approved
Transceiver Facility Specification Specification SDRF-08-S-0008-V1.0.0 2009
PIM and PSM for Smart Antenna Specification Specification SDRF-07-S-0016-V2.0.0 2009
High-Level SDR Security Requirements Specification SDRF-06-S-0002-V1.0.0 2006
Software Defined Radio Commercial Handset Guidelines Specification SDRF-04-A-0006-V1.0.0 2004
Requirements for Radio Software Download for RF Reconfiguration Specification SDRF-02-S-007-V1.0.0 2002
Use Cases for Cognitive Applications in Public Safety Communications Systems Volume 2: Chemical Plant Explosion Scenario Report WINNF-09-P-0015-V1.0.1 2010
Commercial Baseband Technology Overview Report WINNF-09-P-0009-V1.0.0 2010
Test and Certification Guide for SDRs based on SCA - Part 1: SCA Report SDRF-08-P-0007-V1.0.0 2009
Public Safety Radio System Cost Model Report SDRF-09-P-0001-V1.0.0 2009
Public Safety SDR Lifecycle Cost Estimation Workbook Report SDRF-09-P-0001-V1.0.0 2009
Use Cases for MLM Language in Modern Wireless Networks Report SDRF-08-P-0009-V1.0.0 2009
Cognitive Radio Definitions and Nomenclature Report SDRF-06-P-0009-V1.0.0 2008
Utilization of Software Defined Radio Technology for the 700 MHz Public/Private Partnership Report SDRF-08-P-0004-V1.0.0 2008
Use Cases for Cognitive Applications in Public Safety Communications Systems - Volume 1: Review of the 7 July Bombing of the London Underground Report SDRF-07-P-0019-V1.0.0 2007
SDR Forum Design Process and Tools Working Group RFI Final Report Report SDRF-06-P-0006-V1.0.0 2006
Software Defined Radio Technology for Public Safety Report SDRF-06-P-0001-V1.0.0 2006
Security Considerations for Operational Software for Software Defined Radio Devices in a Commercial Wireless Domain Report SDRF-04-P-0010-V1.0.0 2004
Hardware Abstraction Layer Working Group Report on Results of Request For Information Report SDRF-04-P-0009-V1.0.0 2004
Research and Development Working Group 2002 Summary Report Report SDRF-03-P-0002-V1.0.0 2003
Business Model for Wireless PCS Report SDRF-03-P-0001-V1.0.0 2003
SDR System Security Report SDRF-02-P-0006-V1.0.0 2002
Overview and Definition of Software Download for RF Reconfiguration Report SDRF-02-P-0002-V1.0.0 2002
Base Station System Structure Report SDRF-01-P-0006-V2.0.0 2002
Support for “Three Category” Approach for Software Communications Architecture (SCA) Standards and Extensions Recommendation WINNF-09-R-0023-V1.0.0 2010
Comments of the SDR Forum on the FCC's Innovation Notice of Inquiry Recommendation SDRF-09-R-0019-V1.0.0 2009
Endorsement of JTRS SCA 2.2.2 Recommendation SDRF-08-R-0006-V1.0.0 2008
Comments of the SDR Forum on the 2nd Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in the Matter of Implementing a Nationwide, Broadband, Interoperable Public Safety Network in the 700 MHz Band Recommendation SDRF-08-R-0005-V1.0.0 2008
Working Document Towards a Preliminary Draft New Report on Cognitive Radio in Land Mobile Service Recommendation SDRF-08-R-0001-V1.0.0 2008
Considerations and Recommendations for Software Defined Radio Technologies for the 700 MHz Public/Private Partnership Recommendation SDRF-07-R-0024-V1.0.0 2007
SDR Forum Comments on The FCC Memorandum Opinion and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) Adopted June 19, 2007 Recommendation SDRF-07-R-0023-V1.0.0 2007
Comments on NASA Space Telecommunications Radio System (STRS) Recommendation SDRF-07-R-0013-V1.0.0 2007
SDR Forum Response to FCC MOO Recommendation SDRF-07-A-0012-v1.0.0 2007
Suggested Tasking on the OMG PIM and PSM for Smart Antenna Request for Proposal Recommendation SDRF-07-0001-V1.0.0 2007
Comments on Software Communications Architecture Specification Version 2.2.2 Recommendation SDRF-06-A-0012-V1.0.0 2007
SDRF Cognitive Radio Definitions Recommendation SDRF-06-R-0011-V1.0.0 2007
SDRF Change Proposals and Comments on JTRS SCA 3.0 Specialized Hardware Supplement Recommendation SDRF-05-A-0001-V1.0.0 2005
Comments Relating to Development of a Preliminary Draft New Report on SDR Recommendation SDRF-04-A-0005-V1.0.0 2004
SDR Forum Comments to FCC in the Matter of Facilitating Opportunities for Flexible, Efficient, and Reliable Spectrum Use Employing Cognitive Radio Technologies and Authorization and Use of Software Defined Radios Recommendation SDRF-04-A-0004-V1.0.0 2004
Submission to JTRS JPO from SDR Forum regarding DSP and FPGA portability standardization effort Recommendation SDRF-04-A-0003-V1.0.0 2004
Input to ITU WP8F Report/Recommendation on Advanced Technology Recommendation SDRF-04-A-0001-V1.0.0 2004
API Position Paper Recommendation SDRF-03-A-0005-V1.0.0 2003
Information and Proposed Actions Relative to ITU-R Document on SDR Recommendation SDRF-03-A-0003-V1.0.0 2003
SDR Forum contributions to the ITU-R Working Party 8F Recommendation SDRF-02-A-0004-V1.0.0 2002
Working Document Towards Preliminary Draft New Recommendation Software Defined Radio and Related Technologies Recommendation SDRF-02-A-0004a-V1.0.0 2002
Information from SDR Forum on Download and Regulatory Issues for Software Defined Radio Recommendation SDRF-02-A-0004b-V1.0.0 2002
Report on Issues and Activity in the Area of Security for Software Defined Radio Recommendation SDRF-02-A-0003-V1.0.0 2002