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2.1 Government Strategic Investment
The Forum advocates for government strategic investment of joint research and development between industry and academia; in particular to address industry needs identified in the Wireless Innovation Forum’s ten most wanted innovations list10. The Wireless Innovation Forum’s Top 10 list identifies major technical, business or regulatory innovations required for future generations of wireless devices. The Forum believes these innovations, would address various shortcomings in existing wireless communications from the point of view of the different stakeholders in the wireless industry value-chain. Key stakeholders include users, radio and platform manufacturers, software and hardware component providers, operators and service providers, as well as spectrum regulators.

2.2 Experimental Spectrum Licenses
The Forum advocates for easy access to experimental spectrum licenses for industry and academia. Experiments, including test-beds are necessary part of the innovative environment to develop multiband, cognitive radios and DSA technologies to improve spectral efficiency. It is critical to experiment with a wide variety of technologies in order to maximize this promise. To allow this, industry and academia should be provided the maximum flexibility to engage in a wide variety of experiments. Experimental licenses are necessary for spectrum experiments to protect licensees from interference. However, mechanisms are necessary to ensure experimental licenses are issued quickly and are flexible to accommodate unique situations that will arise when experimenting with agile multi-band, cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum access technologies.

2.3 Minimizing Regulatory Barriers
The Forum advocates for minimizing regulatory barriers to entry and promotes technological innovation enabling incumbents and entrepreneurs to pursue new business opportunities throughout the wireless value chain. Modern flexible, market-based regulatory policies can overlay existing licensing schemes to further enable innovative technologies. Such technologies enable innovative flexible frameworks that can apply across multiple bands and wireless services. Traditional international and domestic regulatory frameworks govern access to RF spectrum based on static frequency allocations and assignments. The Forum advocates establishment of new, dynamic access rules authorizing advanced wireless devices and systems to operate across a wide swath of frequency bands on a temporary, cooperative or opportunistic basis depending on the nature and characteristics of the existing authorized systems.


10 Top 10 Most Wanted Wireless Innovations – 2013, WINNF-11-P-0014-V2.0.0


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